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Are you in need of photos for your blog? Or for your company? Or for a graphic you’ve been working on? You probably google the photos you need but then are dismayed when you find the perfect photos but they have those pesky watermarks. Are you tired of this? Do you want to use high quality royalty free photos? Worry no more, here we will tell you where to find royalty free photos of the best quality.


With more than 20 million photos you can use Fotolia has some of the biggest photo collections on the web. In fact many stock image sites use images from Fotolia. This website is free and you are able to gain access to royalty free photos once you register.



123RF has more than 20 million free high quality photos, among many other media file types.



Dreamstime has lots of royalty free photos with more than 23 million in its collection. Its database is updated daily and signing up is free.



One of the leading stock photo sites on the internet, Shutterstock boasts a collection of 35 million stock images. Its photos are of the best quality  and more photos are updated daily.



iStock has millions and millions of royalty free stock images and photos that you can use for almost anything.



Thinkstock has millions of high quality royalty free stock images, illustrations and vectors in its collection. Thinkstock is updated daily, so you‘ll never worry about new content.


Getty Images

Getty Images allows you to share and embed its images and stock photos for personal use on the internet. Best of all – it’s free.



Freefoto.com has tons and tons of free photos you can use and download for free. New photos are added weekly and a vast majority of the photos in its collection is exclusive.

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