One of the best things about mainstream movies is watching your favorite celebrity perform a sex scene. When celebs decide to film a nude or sex scene in a movie, that leads to either sex pics or GIFS. This article contains some of the best sex pics & GIFS from mainstream movies. There are many fans out there who spend a lot of time browsing through movies to see if they can create sex pictures from the sex scenes. In many cases, they are also able to create animated GIFS that can later be turned into porn GIFS.


Controversial sex scenes are not something new in Hollywood movies. This has been going for decades. Once in a while, you will have a movie producer, writer or director who insist on having a provocative and wild nude scene in the movie. The next move for them is signing a hot celebrity who is willing to take off his or her clothes in front of the camera. When that happens, the end result is pure controversy and a hot sex scene. Then, fans can have all the sex pictures they waited for from their favorite celebrity. If they are lucky enough, they can even get a porn GIF image. Some animated GIFS from celebrities who performed sex scenes in mainstream movies, lead to hot porn GIFS or sex images.



A mainstream movie that led to one of the hottest sex scenes in years was done by the sultry and hot Halle Barry. Along with actor Billy Bob Thornton, Halle Barry delivered a few minutes of hot sex. This in turn, led to millions of porn GIFS images that you can find of Halle Berry online easily. In the movie Monster’s Ball, the gorgeous Miss Berry shows off her sultry and hot body. You can also see her beautiful and big tits. There are even some deleted scenes from Monster’s Ball where you can see even hotter sex pictures and porn GIFS of the lovely and erotic Halle Berry.


Other mainstream films that deliver hot sex pics of celebs are the movie ‘I want you.’ In this film, you can see the pretty and hot actress Rachel Weisz show off her pussy and boobs. The end result were a high number of sex pics and porn GIFS of the actress. In the film, you can see her tits bouncing as she gets fucked in a couch. Some Rachel Weisz fans are not aware that she actually filmed such a hot and erotic sex scene in a mainstream film.


There are other films in Hollywood that have delivered some hot porn GIFS of celebs. Actress Nicole Kidman gave fans a lot of sex pics in the movie Eyes Wide Shut. These showed her small, but firm tits. Although you don’t see penetration, there is one scene where Nicole Kidman is being fucked by a lover she fantasizes about. In the film, she tells the story to her husband Tom Cruise.
Another movie where you can see actress and singer Jennifer Lopez do some sex scenes is U-Turn. There are thousands of sex pictures from this film where you can actually see Jennifer’s nice tits.


She also gets banged in a bed as she moans in pleasure. That led to some porn GIFS images of her. The beautiful and sexy actress Mila Kunis also showed off her nice boobs and body in a sex scene she did in a movie called Boot Camp. You can get some hot sex pics from that movie that show off her tits. Some hot porn GIFS came out of that movie as well. She did another film which contained a sex scene with actor Justin Timberlake. The movie is called Friends With Benefits. But, that movie did not deliver any real hot porn GIFS or sex pictures like Boot Camp did.

An actress who has one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood, along with a hot body, is Angelina Jolie. She has done quite a few nude scenes in mainstream films which have led to hundreds of sex pictures, porn gifs images and more. The movie with some real hot sex scenes is Original Sin with Latin actor Antonio Banderas. You can see simulated sex scenes between the two. But more importantly, you can see the great tits on Angelina Jolie, as well as her nude body.


Alyssa Milano is best known for her role in the popular TV series Charmed. But the beautiful actress has also made several films where you can see some awesome sex pics and porn GIF images of her. One of those movies is called Poison Ivy 2. There is no doubt that Alyssa Milano has a hot body and beautiful face. The numerous sex pics you can find of her on the internet prove it. She also showed her juicy tits in the movie called Embrace The Vampire.


Titanic movie fans who love Kate Winslet showing off her firm jugs should know that there are other movies where she has done nude scenes. These have led to a high number of hot porn GIFS and sex pictures of the beautiful actress. Some of those movies are Jude, Holy Smoke, Iris, Little Children and The Reader.


There is no shortage of porn GIFS or sex pictures of many celebrities out there. Once they take off their clothes in front of the camera and perform nudity scenes, it leads to more sex pictures. And hot and steamy animated celebs porn GIFS as well.